Saturday, December 13, 2014

Not So Sure!

Who is so sure he will forget this course, class (virtual) mates and instructor?  Well am not sure I could afford that risk. It has been so far the road worth taking.
When I was putting together my thoughts on what to say to future participants, I still could not believe that ten weeks had passed so soon. Within that time my career as tutor has immensely changed –I have practically watch it grow. I remember when I had to run from cyber to cyber (before I got a laptop) sweating profusely, sometimes in the rain just so I could meet up with Courtney’s deadlines. I laugh now over it, like I could not back then, because I can feel a sense of achievement and struggle despite adversities. For this I clap for myself, Courtney, wiki mates and God almighty.
I remember these words every time: “How is your course going?”
This is what the Director of the James Baldwin Resource Center (at the American Embassy in Cameroon). He put it to me almost every time he saw me and I was sure to say (sometimes doubting though)
“It’s ok Sir, I am going my best” and he would then add
“Ok, good luck. Remember the American government is paying much for that. You should do your best. We are anticipating 100% this year”.
I would smile and murmur to myself “Not so easy as I thought but I shall make it however”. I think I did. I can’t wait to tell him so. I pray the other Cameroonian students did not, for that would be betraying the confidence of the American government.
For this week’s tasks I read the resources keenly and from a bird’s eye too. As usual I learnt a lot and would be eager to practice it in class. Knowing how to actually use technology to enhance the teacher’s production, student’s reception and to propel student’s engagements in the learning process is just a great way to end the course. It is bound to produce better results.
This could be my last post in this course and I type these words with eyes heavy tears and a weak spirit. Once again we thank the Oregon team for this opportunity and ourselves too for the commitment and enthusiasm to produce results.
I would not say ‘bye’ because it’s difficult to say, rather I will say “see you soonest’- this is consoling! 

Best regards.

Fru Valentine Chimangha- Cameroon. 

Not So Sure!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hello everyone.

This week has ended not so well for me. WHY? Because I have not participated in the course as I would have loved to. Several things stole most of time and focus so much so that I barely managed to read the discussions and also provide enormous feedback as I had previewed. However I read the resources and I got a lot from it. I only watch the video on Sunday morning (7th) because of poor network problems. I even understood more after watching it. Things just made more sense.

 Our guest, Russell's insightful comments were well put and thought-provoking all through; including that of the other class members. Really, I shall walk away from this course a genius, thanks to great support and resources provided by Courtney and YOU.

I was thrilled to get to find out that something existed like learning styles and for which teachers are bound to know and use for the sake of better comprehension. This is key to me because I can now know who exactly in class needs more efforts and HOW. Before I sometimes just thought that everybody grasped ideas in the same way but after reading this week's resources and nicnet postings I better foo than before. This is something I am going to incorporate in my class. In fact I am going to class now(after I post this) and I cannot wait to begin to try out all what I have learnt this week. I have a couple of cardboard's and some videos and games to try out, hope it turns out great.

Finally one is done with the project. That is another task that gave  me hard time but thank God I was able to finish it. People like Godana from Serbia were boaster, who provided prompt and positive comments and recommendations. I thank her once again. I must say that I learnt a lot from the project and I am in the process of applying it in my school. For me it is the most challenging tasks I did and I loved it! My classes are more fun than ever now. Everybody wishes to be part of it. Great feedback!

I cannot believe that this is week ten I see already. Time has gone so soon. Are we really done? Seriously? Wow! Am happy to have been part of a great team of resourceful persons. I cannot measure how much I have learnt. And to think that I paid nothing is just nicely crazy right? I am grateful to the American embassy here in Cameroon for this opportunity and the American government for this NEW YEAR GIFT. What I have gained from here is enormous.

When I singed for this course one of my reasons was because I wanted to be a better teacher. I am glad I am! This is no lie.

Thanks again. Wonder what Week Ten would bring. Well, let’s see.............

Great time folks!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 8 Back Story

Hello fellow lovely class mates.
          If I would guess how the week has been for you, I am likely to say that it has been…………………….. Fill the vacant space please.
When I signed up for this course and when I later saw the program for ten weeks I could not believe I shall go through till the end. I mean it was really my first online course and besides the work seemed too much.  Ten weeks is almost over and I have learned a ton of things. How about you?
When I completed my padlet stuff this week, the activity for my class, I was sort of marveled at how much I had learned and within a short time too. I felt great from within.
The mere thought of the project was another torn in the flesh. Nevertheless I did it and with great comments from some of you I came up with something nice.
I have just listened to the videos about the MOOC course and it already sounds great. The world is a great place to be at this time. We do not just have to make right decisions, we rather have to make our decisions right.
Having access to all these assets is key to making ourselves better English tutors and professionals. Nothing pays like hard work

How would they help me as a teacher?

Every time I ask myself this question I cannot find the answers – I cannot really say them but the manifest via the way I teach, talk and make relevant arguments.
Based on the project I did, I have known now just how to incorporate technology in lessons and how to manage it. The feedback I had when I used it was quite encouraging and inspiring. I hope to use it more often – it is wonderful and it comes with an array of benefits.
Knowing how to create class activities using web quest, pad let etcetera, has impacted me with some skills on how to get students involved in lessons in fun way yet maintaining the rationale of the course. Doing that often will change things in leaps and bounds.
Finally the MOOC course is absolutely amazing. Its limping growth has steadily advanced into a huge thing. I love the objective of it and the fact that it is accessible from anywhere. I hope to take the course because given the bilingual nature of Cameroon, French speaking students sometime see the English language as foreign and so grapple with learning how to master and use it. On the video I watched on the courser site I particularly loved the topic for week five titled “Language and Context”. I love the fact that is right in January so that we could have some time to rest and sort out other things before then, and as well think that it sort of complements our present course.
Good people I live you now with much love. Each week has its own energy- drainer. Whatever yours was, I hope you found the strength and will to handle and fix it. It is too late to give up now.
I wish you well come Week 9.
Best regards.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello great people!
This Week just like the other weeks was filled with wonderful activities that would no doubt help us become better teachers all wise.
haven read about learner autonomy I would do the best to incorporate it into my class lessons. Before I thought about it but somehow ignored it but now I have every reason to try it now. With an array of benefits like enhancing critical thinking, personal and cognitive growth, competence and otherwise welcoming learner activities is flavorsome  way of boasting students zeal, promoting positive competition and getting students to long for your class and wait for it even when it is not your class day.

Also it is amazing to really find out things one did not know. I was really overwhelmed  how others have managed a one-class computer class room. I cannot wait to try that. The only thing is that our school has no electricity and so that would take a while! it is worth the effort and I MUST do it at some point.
The final project draft is a hell of tasks,........there is hope though.
Great Stuff, always!
Valentine Chimangha.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello everyone.
            Hope you are faring well with your personal lives, If you are not, there is always hope- sure!
Some of you would agree with me that this week has not been so charged per se right. After doing the readings and the assigned tasks, I learnt a lot: how to do a power point slide and how to incorporate interactive activities in class lessons. This course is truly amazing!
About solving the problems I raised earlier in the course, it would take a while but I hope I can pull it off. Wishing you all the best come Week 7.
Please joint me thank dear Courtney for all her unceasing motivation.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hello everyone!

 Week 5 has been a challenging one for me. I unintentionally ran some setbacks, but which thanks to Courtney's help and guidance I sailed through, though with some stress.
The tasks were a great way to learn- to think that  I am in the twenty-first century and I did not know about an important leaning tool like the web quest is not cool at all! It was fun creating one.

Creating a rubrics as well was a formal way of getting to understand more on how best to access students. I learnt a lot.

Also getting to read about Project Based Learning was a wonderful experience. Its really a good thing to have signed up for this course. At least now I know many ways of engaging the students in real activities that would prick their genius profoundly.

                             Having been introduced to all these resources is thrilling experience and it shall be of big help in the class room. I  shall thus attempt to create one for my school in a bid to contribute to help the school produce competitive students, and also in my small way of helping the President(Paul Biya) in his 2035 emerging vision, considering that youths are the leaders of tomorrow.
There is no way I would  or could remain indifferent haven known about these assets via my participation in this course.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hello dear class mates. The week is at its end already. I am hoping that we found time to complete our weekly task.  Just wishing you once more all the best. Best Regards!