Saturday, December 13, 2014

Not So Sure!

Who is so sure he will forget this course, class (virtual) mates and instructor?  Well am not sure I could afford that risk. It has been so far the road worth taking.
When I was putting together my thoughts on what to say to future participants, I still could not believe that ten weeks had passed so soon. Within that time my career as tutor has immensely changed –I have practically watch it grow. I remember when I had to run from cyber to cyber (before I got a laptop) sweating profusely, sometimes in the rain just so I could meet up with Courtney’s deadlines. I laugh now over it, like I could not back then, because I can feel a sense of achievement and struggle despite adversities. For this I clap for myself, Courtney, wiki mates and God almighty.
I remember these words every time: “How is your course going?”
This is what the Director of the James Baldwin Resource Center (at the American Embassy in Cameroon). He put it to me almost every time he saw me and I was sure to say (sometimes doubting though)
“It’s ok Sir, I am going my best” and he would then add
“Ok, good luck. Remember the American government is paying much for that. You should do your best. We are anticipating 100% this year”.
I would smile and murmur to myself “Not so easy as I thought but I shall make it however”. I think I did. I can’t wait to tell him so. I pray the other Cameroonian students did not, for that would be betraying the confidence of the American government.
For this week’s tasks I read the resources keenly and from a bird’s eye too. As usual I learnt a lot and would be eager to practice it in class. Knowing how to actually use technology to enhance the teacher’s production, student’s reception and to propel student’s engagements in the learning process is just a great way to end the course. It is bound to produce better results.
This could be my last post in this course and I type these words with eyes heavy tears and a weak spirit. Once again we thank the Oregon team for this opportunity and ourselves too for the commitment and enthusiasm to produce results.
I would not say ‘bye’ because it’s difficult to say, rather I will say “see you soonest’- this is consoling! 

Best regards.

Fru Valentine Chimangha- Cameroon. 

Not So Sure!

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